Friday, June 10, 2011

George/Carter Family Reunion Plans for 2011 Abandoned

The last George Family Reunion held in North Harlowe, NC may have been the last...

Many events precipitated this decision, including the deaths of many of our senior family members who were instrumental in past reunion planning...including six siblings:

Richard William CARTER: b. 20 Oct 1923; d. 19 Aug 2009.
James Prester CARTER: b. 1925; d. 15 Sep 2009.
Hattie (CARTER) BECTON: b. 1918; d. 8 Mar 2010.
Mattie Genora CARTER: b. Oct 1910; d. 10 Mar 2010.
Learn CARTER: b. 1920; d. 20 Mar 2010.
Hester (CARTER) BELTON: b. 28 Sep 1908; d. 9 Apr 2010.
Demika Darlene MOORE: b. 27 Sep 1985; d. 23 Jul 2010.
Eula Mae (MOORE) FRAZIER: b. Apr 1930; d. 8 Dec 2910.
Cleveland CARTER: b. 1915; d. 20 Apr 2011.
Thomas "Tommy" Lee MOORE: d.. 18 May 2011.

Following the death of the three sisters (Hattie, Mattie & Hester) and cousin Eula Mae, a deep sense of loss was replaced with gratefulness for the chance to have visited with them following our last family reunion. We truly do not know when our last opportunity might be to spend time with our loved get to know Cousins of a prior hear the stories of family before they go to the grave...

While there are some things we may never know, the loss of family led me to a period of questioning about my genealogical research. No longer am I researching in the capacity of a reunion committee historian. What I do from here on out must take the shape of something useful and compelling to future generations.

When I die, what will my legacy be to my children and grandchildren...a room full of binders containing Census, birth, marriage and death records...or could I possibly focus on a portion of the family...that which is closest to us, and find a meaningful way to tell the story?

In the days to come, you will see the results of this questioning unfold...and hopefully, the steps I am taking in my own research may help you in yours.

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  1. Wow, well said. The second to last paragraph of you post is exactly what made me start writing my blog. I didn't just want to leave some binders and pieces of paper around and my kids not know the story that ties it all together.