Monday, July 25, 2011

Amanuensis Monday -- The Estate of Abel Carter

[NOTE: Abel Carter was my husband's 4th Great Grandfather. Special thank you to Michaud Robinson who found this document and notified me of its existence on FamilySearch: Craven County Estates 1740-1870; pp. 75-77. Previously I had believed that he had died abt. 1795. Here his Inventory is made in 1807.]

                                         June 13 Day 1807
The Estate of Abel Carter Deceased the Count of Said

one Case with bottles to Wm Dove JunR     1--17--6
11 pewter Spoons to John Fenner                0--7--6
one Case & one Vial to Richard Morris Junr 0--9--6
one hackle and mouse traps to John Fenner  0--2--6
two Slays and 1 Guears to Isaac Jesop         0--5--6
one Adds and howel to Jacob Dove             0--6--0
one plain and Drawing knife to John Fenner 0--0--2
one peck to                    George Jesop        0--3--0
one pail and kealer to Wm Howard              0--7--0
one tub one pail to Alexander Thomson        0--2--0
one Gun to Kelser Bradick                          2--0--6
one Earthenpot to Jamesann Godett             2--2--0
one wedge to Silas Richards                        0--5--0
three hoes to John Fenner                           0--8--6
three Razors and Shaving Box to Kelser Braddick     8--0
one hat to. . . Jacob Moore                         0--7--0
wooling wheel without Rim Wm Howard     0--1--0
one pail of trumpery to Jeffery Sampson      0--5--6
two pot trammels to John Fenner                 0--4--0
one Spider to Silas Richards                        0--10--0
two Mugs to Lainah Howard                       0--2--6
one Cup to Wm Physoc                              0--8--0
                                                                 8  18  2

one Earthen Bole to Silas Richards               0--2--5
Lot of Crockery wair to Wm Howard           0--8--0
Spice morter to Abel Moore                         0--2--6
one Barrel to Richard Morris Junr                 0--5--0
one hammer to Wm Physiock                       0--3--6
one Ax to Wm Howard                                0--12--6
one hatchet to Jacob Moore                          0--7--6
one Dish and three plates Willy Cully             0--7--0
one Cagg to Jeffery Sampson                        0--4--0
one Bason to [crossed out] Wm Physiock      0--1--6
one Case and other things to Richard Mooris  0--1--0
one Jug to John Fenner                                 0--0--6
one Chest and all that is in to to George Jesop 0--10--0
three powder horns to Kelser Bradick             0--1--0
two pare kneedles to Wm Howard                  0--2--0
knives and forks Wm Howard                        0--2--0
one Cagg to Richard Morris                            0--3--6
one Case and trumpery Richard Morris            0--1--
one pot to Jamesann Godett                            0--5--0

one pot [crossed out] to Jno Fenner                  0--1--6
three Bottles to Wm Physioc                            0--1--0
Fish hooks Alexander Thompson                      0--3--6
Cagg of trumpery to Wm Physioc                     0--1--6
one Bible to Silas Richards                               0--8--0
one Cagg and Trumpery to Wm Physioc           0--0--6
one hand Saw to John Fenner                           0--12--0
one Bed to Wm Dove Junr                               10--10--0

Sotd By John Fenner [unreadable]


  1. This is very good! I noticed the Willy Cully and the William Dove Jr. Wondering if this is my Great Great Great Grandfather. William Dove, Jr. might be the William Dove that had my 3G Grandfather bonded as an apprentice. I was not aware of this record online, so thank you for sharing.

  2. On second search, I looked up Willy Cully on Willy Cully is most likely a female. On 27 Sep 1831 she married a Peter George. It is so important that we exhaust all avenues. Oh well.

  3. The time frame has me confused, though...This was 1807, while the marriage was in 1831.

  4. What do the numbers mean on your document? I am not sure if I am confused about the date of marriage 1831 to the will dated 1807, because she could have gotten married anytime.

  5. The numbers are British pounds, shillings, dollars.
    RE: dates: I was following the pattern among early North Harlowe families.