Thursday, September 13, 2012

Core Question #2: What is YOUR character's greatest fear?

Some life application of the 3 Core Questions
Recently I presented the three core questions for character development to a Teen Sunday School class and asked them to answer these questions about themselves:

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  1. What is YOUR core need...your motivation in life...and what would you do if you could not attain it?
  2. What is YOUR greatest fear?
  3. What incidents in YOUR life have wounded you and caused you to believe a lie, or have shaded your perception of life events? 
These questions are a great tool for getting to the heart of our inner truth! I believe most people are caught up in a cycle of  Greek drama, weather comedy or tragedy, hiding their true selves to cover their vulnerability. Sometimes, however, by wearing a mask people begin to believe a lie about themselves or even about the people and world around them. 

Back to young Isaac Carter
I believe that the greatest fear is linked to the core need, and acts as a negative motivator in an individual's life. While Isaac's core need following the death of his parents was to watch over and protect his younger siblings and keep their family unit intact, it was broadened in adult life to protect and free his Negro brethren from a system of enslavement. 

His greatest fear was a negative motivator striving to produce a positive outcome...and that was...
...the fear of losing his family
and being alone in a hostile world...

The next step is to revisit Isaac's life events and apply the core need and greatest fear to them in order to determine the lie he came to believe about himself and the world in which he lived....

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