Monday, December 13, 2010

Blog Caroling: Tua Bethlem Dref, a traditional Welsh Christmas carol

Tua Bethlem Dref
On To Bethlehem Town:
a traditional Welsh Christmas carol
Music by: David Evans 
(pseu. Edward Arthur) (1874 - 1948)
Lyrics by: Will Ifin

When I saw the footnoteMaven's challenge to go Blog Caroling, I took the opportunity to find out more about my Welsh roots. While I was unable to find any history on this carol, the words are presented here in both Welsh and English, and you can listen to them in both languages in the videos posted here. 
I hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, that's a lovely carol I'd never heard before. I'm enjoying seeing what everyone posts for this blog caroling!!

    Merry Christmas! Kylie :-)