Friday, July 1, 2011

Funeral Card Friday--Homegoing Services

While my family has traditionally memorialized our deceased loved ones through funeral cards, the African Methodist Episcopal Zion tradition in my husband's family is a much more complete Homegoing Service program. Photos and a complete obituary mark the contributions their lives made to us and others in the community. 

Below is the Homegoing Service program for a double funeral. . . .sisters, who died a day apart. Hattie (CARTER) BECTON had been a founding member of the George Family Reunion Committee, and the first of my father-in-law's first cousins whom we met through correspondence, and then later met at the 2007 George Family Reunion. After that same reunion we were able to meet her sister, Mattie Genora CARTER, at her home. They were both very remarkable women. 


  1. I think it's really neat that the sisters had a double funeral. And I love the phrase "Homegoing Service;" I'd never heard that before.

  2. One day apart? Wow, that must have been tough. I thought a couple weeks or so was bad enough!

  3. Their sister, Hester, died 30 days later. She was 101 years old.