Saturday, July 30, 2011

Surname Saturday -- Carter & Cully

This evening, as I was looking over a timeline that I had created for my husband's grandfather, Hezekiah Carter, I noticed that one of the witnesses at his first marriage was G.W. Cully. Since connecting with Yvette Porter Moore of Digging Roots: My Family History, my eye has become keen to any Cully connections in our family documents.

Hezekiah Carter; Marriage Register, Volume 6, pp. 65-66; Craven County Register of Deeds, Craven County, NC.

The marriage license was issued on October 20, 1896 to Hezekiah Carter, age 25, Colored, and to Stella Cannady, age 25, Colored. They were married on October 22, 1896 by the Rev. A.F. Mitchell in Township No. 6. Witnesses were M. F. [Omm], GW Cully, and CC Godett.

GW Cully. The first thing I checked was the Census record on What I discovered was even more interesting than I had anticipated.

George W. Cully's age was recorded as 5/12; however, the Census was recorded on August 20, 1870 and his month of birth is recorded as January. . . which would make him abt. eight months old. His parents were  William (35) and Nancy (33) Cully; his siblings: Sarah (9), Ambrose (7), Melvina (4), and Mary (2). 

The 1880 Census shows the William & Nancy Culley household with two servants: Matilda Carter and Mary J. Canady. At that time, the children at home were Ambrose (18), Melvina (14), and George [H.] (10).

Recently, Yvette had posted on Facebook a photo of her grandmother Agnes and her older brother, Osborne Ambrose Cully (b. March 29, 1899; d. young). Hmmmm . . . another clue. The 1900 Census shows that the Cully family, which had migrated to the Worcester, MA area before 1900, lived on Eastern Ave. The family consisted of: Ambrose (b. Apr. 1866), his wife Nora (b. Nov. 1870), and children: S. Hannah (b. Dec. 1890), F. Sarah (b. Jan 1891), E. William (b. Jan 1893), E. Kate (b. Oct 1895), A. Osborne (b. March 1899), and M. Agnus (b. May 1900).

It appears that it was Yvette's great grand uncle, George W. Cully, who was one of the witnesses 
Hezekiah Carter's marriage to his first wife, Stella Canady.

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  1. All of this information is correct. George W. Cully was my Great Grand Uncle.