Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday -- Lucinda F. Culley Carter

Last Tuesday the blog featured the headstone of Martha Ann Carter Cully. This week's Tombstone Tuesday features Lucinda Francis Culley Carter. This headstone was from the collection of photographs by Harrison David Carter, taken at Piney Grove Cemetery in North Harlowe, Craven, NC in 2005.
15 Sept 1904 - 19 Dec 1979
Piney Grove Cemetery

I wanted to find out how Martha Ann and Lucinda were related...

Lucinda Culley was already in my database. She was the youngest child of  James H. and Lucinda (Dove) Culley, Joe B.'s little sister. . . or,
Martha's aunt.

I was able to locate a record for Martha Ann's Aunt Lucinda in the North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741 - 2004, at Ancestry.com:

Lucinda Culley (age 37) 
Herbert Carter (age 21) 
on 24 May 1943 
in Harlowe, Carteret, North Carolina 

That would place Lucinda's year of birth at about 1906. It was close. But, there were no official birth records kept in North Carolina until 1914, so one must allow for a margin of error in a year of birth.

The marriage record proved the Carter connection, but I had never heard of a Herbert Carter in our tree. Yet in Craven County, people with the Carter surname are bound to be related somewhere . . . so, next I tried to find Herbert Carter in the Census to determine his position in the family tree.

Since Lucinda and Herbert weren't married until 1943, I would only be able to find Herbert living with his parents. Without much trouble, I was able to locate Herbert in the household of Willie E. & Sophie J. Carter. The aggregate Census record for the family group looks like this:

Willie E. Carter, b. June 1877
Sophie J. (wife), b. abt. 1878
1. Sarah, b. abt. 1901 (1930, 1920, 1910)
2. Rebecca, b. abt. 1904 (1920, 1910)
3. Elisha, b. abt. 1906 (1910)
4. James, b. abt. 1908 (1930, 1920, 1920)
5. LeRoy, b. abt. 1911 (1920)
6. W. R., b. abt. 1913 (1930)
7. David, b. abt. 1914 (1930, 1920)

When I checked the Craven County Register of Deeds Index, I discovered three additional children: 

8. Charlotte, b. 1915
9. Edward, b. 1918
10. Herbert Lee, b. 1921.

I also discovered that Sophie's maiden name was Sophia Jane Fenner

With all this information, it seemed that the relationship between Martha Ann and her Aunt Lucinda was not the real mystery here, but                  . . . what was Martha Ann's double relationship 
to Uncle Herbert Lee Carter?

I traced back through the generations till I could find a common ancestor:

Martha Ann10 (Malachi9, Isaac 8,7, 6, Abel5, John4, Thomas3, 2, Paul1) Carter
Herbert Lee10 (Willie E.9, Rufus L.8, William7, Isaac6, Abel5, John4, Thomas 3, 2, Paul1) Carter

Martha Ann and her Uncle Herbert Lee Carter 
were also 3rd Cousins!

Double relationships are quite common in geographically isolated areas. I have found many for the Carters, Georges and Moores; but, this is the FIRST time I have found an uncle who was also a cousin.

Since writing this post, I have been given new information from a cousin, Michaud Robinson, who has clarified a confusion over which Willie Carter is in consideration here. Michaud writes:
William Edgar Carter is the son of George Carter and Nancy Willoughby. His wife is Sophia Jane Carter, daughter of Charlotte Carter and Eddie George. They were married 10 Sept 1899. George Carter is my g-g grandfather's brother. Willie Carter the son of Rufus and Nancy Godette married Henrietta Cooper 19 May 1901. Willie and Henrietta's children are listed on the quit claim deed. Rufus Sr. also has had another son named William H. Carter.
One thing that is great about blogging is that it gets the whole family involved in examining the research and honing our relationships within out trees. Many thanks to Michaud, who is a frequent contributor to my research!

Now, what does this new information mean to the relationships above?
Herbert Lee10 (William Edgar9, George8, .....7, .....6, .....5, .....4, ..... 3, 2, Paul1) Carter
More to come in the days to follow as  I re-examine new documents to prove them. 


  1. Thank you to proving the Carter Connection...This gets quite confusing at times. I had this information on Lucinda on the records. I need to work out my tree.

  2. Yes it does...there will be a Willie E./Willie Carter correction forthcoming...very confusing!