Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talented Tuesday -- The music of our heritage...blues & spirituals

As I began researching the church history of my husband's family church, I ordered a copy of The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Bicentennial Hymnal. The book I am currently working on is structured by thematic songs. For the segment on church history, I chose the Spiritual, "I Want Jesus to Walk With Me."

In this age we are blessed with the ability to tap into technology and hear almost any song you might like to listen to by searching YouTube or Google Videos. In my search, I came across an artist whose rendition gives me a feeling of what life might have been like in days gone by.

Here is Eric Bibb, the son of Leon Bibb, the Godson of Paul Robeson...


  1. Thank you for sharing...I love the song "I want Jesus to Walk with me." I remember my grandmother singing this song in her home. She also was a member of an AME Zion Church in Los Angeles.

  2. Thank you for the memories, one of my favorites.

  3. Came across your post today. Thanks for sharing an inspirational story.