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Ministers and preachers of Township 5: 1900: Sylvester B. Gaskill & Martin Davis

Sylvester B. Gaskill;
1900; Township 5, Craven, NC;
Roll: T623_1190; page 9A;
Enumeration District 46.
The 1900 Census for Township 5 produced two clergymen. While Sylvester B. Gaskill, a very light-skinned mulatto*, had been enumerated as a preacher in 1880, here he was recorded as "minister." One might think that the current enumerator, Edward D. Bangut, merely chose another title for the position, however . . . .

. . . . Martin Davis, who was also enumerated by Mr. Bangut, was recorded as a preacher. Possibly there was just an inconsistency.
Martin Davis:
1900; Township 5, Craven, NC;
Roll: T623_1190; Page: 11B;
 Enumeration District: 46.

Looking at the progression of Gaskill's enumerations:  1800: Preacher; 1900: Minister, I began to wonder if perhaps some other clergyman had a progression of titles shown through consecutive enumerations. 

*Disclaimer: While Sylvester Brown Gaskill had been enumerated as  "mulatto" (1850, 1870, 1880), "black" (1900), and "colored" on his marriage record, I recently received a response to my Rootsweb Message Board post RE: black Gaskills from a descendant of his daughter, Missouri Gaskill . . . .
The family legend was that Sylvester too was mulatto, however I was able to locate the bastardy bond from when he was born where his mother, Amanda Gaskill, gave the name of Sylvester's father. That man was white, the son of a Scottish family living in Sea Level (his name was John N. Hamilton).
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