Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Preparing for Day 1 of The Family History Writing Challenge

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY . . . the first day of The Family History Writing Challenge. The challenge is to write the first draft of my family history book in 29 days.

29 DAYS! What I have I gotten myself into?!?!?

It's not really all that bad! Our writing guide, Lynn Palermo of The Armchair Genealogist, is coaching us step-by-step, to set realistic goals. Assignments are shared in a safe online forum where we support our fellow family history writers.

So far I have:
  1. narrowed the scope,
  2. outlined the book, and
  3. and defined the plot.
Now . . . one more challenge before the big day . . .

organizing my research!

I wondered were those prints of microfilmed obituaries from Surry County, NC were! They were from an October 2010 research trip, and found just in time for a return trip next month.

And the copies from a book which included the history of the synagogue my 2nd Great Grandfather David Silverman  co-founded! It's amazing what you'll find when locating past research materials! 

I've prepared a file box with topic folders for each phase of the book. Now, to get them filled with the information I'll be needing right at my finger tips . . . .


  1. What a wonderful idea...I think I might join you...at least I will have something accomplished even if it isn't totally complete...LOL

  2. Then again...It sounds like a hefty thing to do, and you are more prepared than I would be...LOL