Monday, May 21, 2012

Documents which E-X-P-A-N-D our understanding of family history, Part 3

What we can learn from the 1860 Census
From this point on we will refer to the youngest Carter child as Zach in order to reconcile the 1850 enumeration of Zacchaeus and the 1860 enumeration of Zachariah.

In 1860, census enmuerators were given fourteen questions to ask citizens, with the only addition being Question 9: Value of Personal Estate.

This is the document which first started me wondering about the church’s influence on young Isaac Carter’s life. In the post entitled, Ministers andpreachers of Township 5: 1860: William Thomas, B.B. Culbreth & Pearce W.Gorell, I began to formulate questions for further church history research.

Goodings, Craven, NC;
Roll: M653_894; Page 10, Image 19.
Goodings, Craven, NC;
Roll: M653_894; Page 9, Image 18. 

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