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Amanuensis Monday--The Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter, Document #8

Descendants Jubilee Project
If you had been following this series at its inception in August 2011, you may discover that I have skipped over documents 4-7. Perhaps one day I'll go back and fill in the missing information. Currently I am most interested in documents which help us gain an understanding of this ancestor's character and experience which affected his quality of life.

Document #8 is a three and one-half page affidavit which sheds a little more light on the incidents leading to Isaac's disability. I have chosen to transcribe this one at this time because the details proved interesting to the conditions leading to his disability.

State of North Carolina)
County of Craven         )
In matters of original Claim No. 662872
of Isaac Carter [--ot] 2 Sergeant of
Co. G 14 Regt U.S.C.H. Arty
on this 17 "Day of Oct-- A.D. 1888
Personally appeared before me a
Clerk of Superior Court a Court
of record in and for the County
of Craven and State of North
Carolina   Isaac Carter age 48 "years"
Resident of Clubfoots Creek, Craven
County N.C. P.O. address P.O. Box 570
New Bern N.C. well known to me to
be reputable and Entitled to credit
who being Duly sworn according to Law
Decloses (sic) as follows, I was Born and
Rais (sic) in Craven County N.C. I never had
any sickness Prior to my Enlistment. I Enlisted
as Privet (sic) in Co. B. 14 Regt U.S.C.H. Arty
on the 12 Day of March 1864  I was
promoted Corporal in Fall 1864 and
transferred to Company G. 14 Regt U.S.C.
H. Arty on a bout March 1865   I was promoted
Second Sergeant of Co. G. 14 Regt U.S.C.H.
Arty under Captain John B. Willett. the first
time I Every having the Dirrhea (sic) and Piles
it was at Moorhead City on about November
1864   I was taken with the Rheumatism in feet
Legs and pains in the Breast and
Shortness of Breath and [houghtness]
I contracted the Rheumatism in the following
manner viz on a bout Nov 1864 the Regiment
was ordered from New Berne N.C. to Moorhead
City N.C. and we arrive there in the
night  We Layed out all Night for
Three or four Nights with out any
tents in the open air Nothing but our
Blankets. our Tents was Left to New Berne
and it Rain and [         ] and I
got wet. I was taken first with a
Deep cold up on the Lung. I could not Speak Louder than a whisper
and my feet taken to swelling and I
sent Hospital. I Remain the Hospital
for Three Months, More Less and was
Treated by the Surgeon  I am able to give
the Surgeon Name. This was Two
and Three Surgeon Moor Less and I
have Suffered Every Since with Diarhea (sic)
and Piles and Swelling Feeling Legs Pains
in Back and Shoulders and Knees and
Larger Joints and Shortness of the Breath
I am Generally Down in Bed Two and
Three times a year Each and every years
Generally in fall and though the winter
and Spring and Bothered a great Deal.
Asthma and weakness of the Eyes
from Date of Discharge up to the
Present   I have lived on Clubfoot
Creek Craven County N.C. My occupation
have been that of a farmer when
I could Do any thing. I have not
been able to work one third of any
Time. I have Suffered a great Deal for
the Necessaries of this Life and have
not been able to work. My children
and wife has work to suport me. I have
not been able to Employ any Doctor to Treat
Me. I have Bought Medician (sic) from First
one Doctor then and other. I generally use
Linement and Balsom to Rub my Back
there has not been any change in my
Resident  My P.O. address is P.O. Box
590 New Berne N.C. I am unable
to Prove my Disability by Commissioned
officers of my Company by Reason
I do not know where they are at
or Post Office address. I have not
seen or heard from them since the 11 Day
of December 1865 or the Surgeon or
Assistant Surgeon. I am able to prove
it by my Comrads (sic) which I ask
to be accepted in Lieu of Commissioned
officers or Surgeons, of My Regiment
my P.O. address is P.O. Box
590 New Berne N.C.
Witness                   Isaac  X  Carter
E.W. Carpenter               mark
J. B. Willis
                                      Sworn & subscribed
to before me this 17th day of Oct
1888 & I certify that the foregoing
was read to Claimant before
executing samd & that he is
the identical person he
claimed to be & is creditable &
worthy of belief.
                           E.W. Carpenter
                           Clerk Sup Court

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  1. Pension files are amazing documents. You learn of the true voice of your ancestors through them and their life trials that they have gone through. Thank you for sharing!