Monday, October 29, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: The Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter, Document #15

Below is a transcription of an affidavit sworn out by Theophilus George. This could either be Isaac's brother-in-law (b. 10 Jul 1850), or his father-in-law (b. abt. 1804). Upon completion, further analysis will determine the realtionship.

 North Carolina
Craven County
Also personally appeared before 
me a clerk of Superior Court
a court of record in and 
for the County & State aforesaid
Theophilus George age 40 yrs. 
well known unto be respectable and
entitled to credit & who being duly
declares: I have been acquainted
with Isaac Carter the soldier
all my Life. When he came home
from the war Dec 1865 he appeared
to be quite sick from Rheumatism
and was stiff in his joints of feet & 
Legs and he would be unable
to walk and he also complains 
of diarrhea & piles and asthma
soreness of throat and heart.
He has suffered to a great
excess each and every year
to the present that he has been
down for two or three times each
year or a month or more at a 
time. And I have lived near
his house ever since the war
and have been able to see
him every week at times and
I so on. When ever I see
He is complaining and is at times 
laid up from Rheumatism
diarrhea piles and asthma.
and he is continually sick
from said disabilities.
I have no interest in the
claim. My P.I. address is
Harlowe N. C. 

witness               )
E.W. Carpenter  )  Theophilus George
J.B. Willis         )

sworn & sub-
scribed to before me this 3rd day of
June 1890 & I certify that officiant states'that the foregoing was read to him before
signing same & that he is the identical
person he claims to be & is credible &
worthy of belief.                            E.W. Carpenter

Frederick Douglass,
U.S. Claim Agent.
Box 590, New Berne, N.C.

  • Taking into account that Theophilus George was 40 years old on 3 June 1890, he would have been born in 1850, which is compatible with Isaac Carter's brother-in-law. Certain he would have known Isaac all his life as Isaac was eleven years old when Theophilus was born. 
  • Theophilus reports Isaac's condition following the war in 1865. He married Theophilus' older sister, Martha Ann, one and a half years later (15 May 1867). 
  • The informant reports that I have lived near his house ever since the war. Perhaps an examination of land deeds and Census documents for 1870 and 1880 would determine the location of this land, whether it corresponds to the current Martha Ann (George) Carter Heirs Land. Also, where both Carter and George resided before the war. 


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