Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter, Document #11

The next affidavit was sworn by Silas Fenner, one of Isaac Carter's comrade in arms in the USCT Heavy Artillery 14th Regiment.

As I read over this document, I became aware of some colloquialisms of the era. I am hoping that by studying enough records, a pattern will emerge which will be able to assist me in writing dialog.

* * * * *

Department of the Interior,
Jan. 20, 1890

Respectfully requested of the ADJUTANT
GENERAL U.S.A. a report from the records of his
Office as to the presence or absence, on or about
Winter of 1864 & 65
of Silas Fenner
of Co. G. 14 U.S.C.H Art.
and the station, at that date, of the Co
Invalid Claim No. 662812
Isaac Carter
Co. G. 14 U.S. C. H. Art.
Green B. Raum, Commissioner.

War Department,
Record of Pension Division,
Washington, JAN 21 1890
Respectfully returned to the
Commissioner of Pensions
With the information that the name
Silas Fenner is not
born on rolls Co. G
14 U.S.C. H Arty
F. G. Ainsworth,
Captain and Ass't Surgeon, U.S. Army
* * * * *
Isaac Carter
State of North Carolina
County of Craven
In matter of original claim
of Isaac Carter of Co. G 14
Regt U.S.C.H. Arty No 612812
On this 15th Day of May AD 1889
personally appeared Before one
clerk of the Superior Court Being
a court of record in and for
the county of Craven and State
of North Carolina  Sergeant
Silas Fenner age 49 years
Resident of Harlow N.C. Craven
County, well known to be
reputable and Entitled to credit
Who Being duly sworn according
to Law Declares as follows, I
and Sergeant Isaac Carter
was play boys together and
he and I Enlisted in the US
Army together, and when he
Enlisted he was a Well and
hardy man from all appearance
until. until on about Winter
1964 he contracted the Diarrhea
and piles at Carolina City
he contracted the Rheumatism
at Carolina City by Exposure
and cold, and the Diarrhea
by drinking bad Water.
and he was Sent to the Hospital
for treatment, and he was treated
By Surgeon, he complained
Very much he seemed as he
was bad off  We Was discharged
on about the 11th day of December
1865 at Fort Macon N.C. and
then We got on the train and
came to New Berne N.C.  We then
got off the train and Went to
Harlows Creek and that has
Been our resident every since
and he and I lived about
three miles apart and I
know he continues to suffer
With the Rheumatism  Diarrhea
and piles and the Asthma
he is down three and four
times a year so he cant do
anything, and he is about
two thirds disabled to perform
manual Labor by reason
of the Diarrhea  Rheumatism
Asthma & piles he is suffering
for the necessaries of
this Life, he depending on
the hand of Charity for
This Support by reason he
is unable to work.
This is all I know about the 
claim and I am no
relation. I have no interest
in his claim.
                           My post Office
                           Address is
                           Harlowe        N.C.
                           Craven County
                            Silas  X  Fenner
E.W. Carpenter
J. D. Willis
                              sworn & sub-
scribed to before me this 15th
day of may 1889 & I certify that
the foregoing was read to [          ]
before making his mark in
same & that he is the iden-
tical person he claims 
to be & is credible & worthy
of belief
                                                E.W. Carpenter
                                                [                     ]

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