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Amanuensis Monday: The Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter: Document #23

Isaac Carter filed this affidavit, along with those previously transcribed here, with his original pension claim form.

If you have been following the testimony, you will note that this affidavit includes some additional supporting details which enhance the timeline of events. If not, you can follow the transcriptions of this Civil War Pension File by clicking on the page tag above.

NOTE: The specific details that did not come out in the full testimony of Isaac's comrades and neighbors are highlighted in yellow.

Document #23: Affidavit: Isaac Carter, 10 May 1892

State of North Carolina)
County of Craven         )
In matter of original Invalid claim
No. 662812 of Isaac Carter Late Sergeant
of Co. B & G 14 Regt U.S.C. H Arty
on this 10th Day of May A.D. 1892
Personally appeared before me a
Notary Public for and
Within the County and State
afore said, Isaac Carter age
51 years Resident Harlow Craven
Co. N.C. well known to be
Reputable and Entitled to credit
who being Duly Sworn
according to Law Discloses

as follows. I enlisted a Privat
of Co. B 14 Regt U.S.C.H. Arty
March 12, 1864, and Promoted
Second Sergeant of Co. B 14
Regt U.S.C.H. Arty on about
Sept 1864. and was Transfered
to Co. G 14 Regt U.S.C.H. Arty
as Duty Sergeant on about the 
month September 1865 and
was Honorable Discharge Duty
Sergeant of Co. G 14 Regt U.S.
C.H. Arty December 11th 1865
and I Gone Lived at Harlowe
Craven Co. N.C. The First
Disease I contracted while I was
in Co. B. 14Regt.U.S.C.H. Arty
was the Rheumatism. At Caroline
City, N.C. on or about the month
of December 1864 The Regiment
was Taken from Warm Baracks
at New Berne N.C. on about the
Last of November 1864 and
carried to Carolina City N.C.
and we Layed out some
Eight or Ten Days with out
Tents, and it Sleeted and snow
and Rain and we was Expose
to the Weather and I was taken
with Pains in Feet and Legs and
I have been growing worse
Every Since with the Chronic
Rheumatism, at times Down
in my Bed not able to help
my self in the Spring 1865
I was taken with Chronic
Diarrhea by Drinking Bad
Bad water which Resulted
in to Piles and the Doctor
Treated me in Hospital at
Carolina City. I also was taken
with Deep Cold. and Asthma
in the Spring of 1865 and
inlargement of the Stomache
of which I have been greatly
Trouble with Each and Every
Year Since, Cough and Lung
Trouble at times have be Prop
up in a my Bed. xxxxx me xxxxx
unable to Do Manual Labor
and my wife and children
works out to take xxxx of
me. I thought that I would
Die once or twice at Carolina
City N.C. in Spring of 1865
I was Down in Hospital
with the afore said Disabilities
I have furnish worth and competent
witnesses who was of my Company
and Regimene and this affidavit
and filed with my claim to
wit Sergeant Albert A. Elliott
Sergt Silas Fenner, Privet Samuel
Keach of Co. B. 14 Regt U. S.C.H.
Arty and Privet Sharper
Williams of Co. G 14 Regt U.S.
C.H. Arty these men was with
me and I have furnish Neighbor
Witnesses as to my Present
Condition and I ask that my
Case be made Special according
to the Rules. and Regulations of
the Pension Department. I
am now suffering for the
Necessary of this Life and
unable to work. I ask that
Commissioners to Please Consider
my poor condition now while 
I am Living.
Witness           )                      his
EW Carpenter )             Isaac  X  Carter
[  ] E Hudson  )                     mark

                                               sworn & sub-
scribed to before me this
10th day of May/92 & I certify
that the foregoing was
read to claimant before
making his mark to
same & that he is the
identical person he claims
to be & in credible & worthy of
belief.                       EW Carpenter
                                 Notary Public

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