Thursday, January 3, 2013

Conclusion to: The Mystery of Samuel Keach Windley

The response to my query arrived seven days ago...but because I have been so busy with other things, I just now found what I was looking for. Thanks to Victor Jones, Jr. at the Kellenberger Room, I now have the obituary for Samuel Keach Windley, who had testified on behalf of Isaac Carter's Civil War Pension Application.

I say the mystery is solved...perhaps only so far as to give a glimpse of who he became following the war. Below is a transcription of his obituary. You will note that a further mystery is about to unfold...but most likely will remain a mystery unless anyone privy to the results of a coroner's inquest released information in another location. Take a look...

Foul Play Suspected
Samuel Keach Windley, a negro
Baptist preacher residing in Rei-
zensteinville, died early yesterday
It appears that Samuel found his
life in a compromising position a
short while ago; and since that time
he has been failing in health, until
his death. It was suspected that
the deceased had been foully dealt
with, and therefore the coroner was
The coroner has impaneled his
[j]ury and taken preliminary steps in
the matter. A further investigation
will take this morning at 10
(Windley, Samuel Keach. 10/30/1896. New Bern Daily Journal, page 4, column 1)

Victor states that the next day's newspaper is missing. The Weekly for that week survives, but the news evidently was pushed out by the election returns for the 1896 Presidential election.

My next step is to look up information related to Reizensteinville, the Jewish section located in the Five Points area.


  1. Victor is awesome at the Kellenberger Room! So thankful he's there. He's been extremely helpful with my research.

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