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The Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter: Documents #20 & #21

Before we get started today, I just want to let you know that I have updated the Civil War Pension File page on the blog. Here I have each post listed by three criteria: the document number, the type of document (claim, affidavit, correspondence, or analysis), and the person responding.

I hope you'll take a look and follow the links to previous posts related to the Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter.

The next document I'm sharing is abstracted below, based on salient information that can be used for writing a character description in the family history memoir. It is interesting to see how Isaac's disability was broken down into fractions.

Take a look...

Document #20 in the Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter is a medical report and Surgeon's Certificate for a physical examination performed on March 23, 1892 in Beaufort, Carteret, North Carolina, by J. B. Davis, U.S. Ex'g Surg.

From this document we find that Isaac, at the age of 51, stood five feet eleven inches and weighed 162 pounds. There are other details relating to his specific claims of disability; specifically, the surgeon concluded that
He is, in my opinion, entitled to a 6/18 rating for the disability caused by Dyspepsia, 4/18 for that caused by Disease of lung, and 8/18 for that caused by --Rheumatism. 
So, in all, the physician rated Isaac Carter as 18/18, or 100% disabled.

Document #21: An Affidavit sworn by Theophilus George.
A question concerning dates of birth: Isaac's brother-in-law had already given testimony in an affidavit sworn on 3 June 1890. This document is dated 10 May 1892. He was aged 40 years in the first document, and reported as 41 years here. According to his death certificate, it had been reported that his date of birth was 10 July 1850. The informant was his brother-in-law, Oscar Frazier. The evidence resulting from comparing sworn testimony in these affidavits, however, makes it appear that perhaps Theophilus George was born between May 10th - June 3rd. Otherwise, he would have given testimony of his age being 42 years. 
Affidavit #2 of Theophilus George
NOTE: The following is an exact transcription. All spellings and marks of punctuation are as they appear on the original document.

State of North Carolina )
County of Craven          )
In the matter of Original Invalid
Pension Claim No 662812 of Isaac
Carter Late a Sergeant of Co G 14 Regt
On this 10th day of May A.D. 1892
Personally appeared before me a
Notary Public for and within the County
& state afore said Mr. Theophilus George age
41 years Resident of Harlow N.C. well
known to be reputable and entitl to
credit who being duly sworn
according to Law declares as follows
I have been acquainted with Isaac 
Carter all my life and he always was a
well & a harty man & when he enlisted
in the U.S. Army he was a well man
I Never heard him complain of any
thing, not until he was Discharge &
com home, which was on or about
December 1865 I Saw him Very soon
after he com home to Harlow Creek
N.C. & he was complaining, not well
& he was complaining of Rheumatism
& Diarrhea & Piles of which he has
continued to grow worse & worse
each year

I have known him to be down
about 2/3 of his time and he is not
able to Do any Manual Labor
and at times he is helpless I also
Remember that on or about fall of
1891 Isaac Carter while off 
Trying to work one of those attack
com on him & he fell & was Brought
home & We all in the Neghborhood
Was expecting his death and he has
continued to grow worse with the 
Diarrhea & Piles & Rheumatism
and has Severe attacks often I
see him at time weekly & som
times Evry other week and he is
Now more then 2/3 Two Thirds disable
and he suffers for Necessaries of &
for medical and By reason he is
not able to Do any thing in the way
of any Manual Labor he is in
a destitute condition and needs 
some assistance

I am no Relation to the claimant
& I have no interest in the claim
My PO is Harlowe N.C.
Witness           )    Theophilus George
EWCarpenter ) 
JP. Godett      )

sworn & subscribed to before
me this 10th day of May/92
& I certify that the foregoing
was read to affiant before
he signed same & that he
is the identical person he 
claims to be & in credible &
worthy of belief
                            Notary Public

One thing that stood out to me was that his brother-in-law stated that "Very soon after [December 1865] after he com home to Harlow Creek, N.C...."

Craven County Recreation & Parks, Paddle Trip #24--Harlowe Canal
SR 1391 Bridge to Siddie Fields Recreation Area

Inland water-way between Beaufort and New Bern, N.C. (1891)
Repository: Outer Banks History Center
As you can see from the map above, Harlowe is across the county line, situated in Carteret County. Also, Harlowe Creek is located at the end of the Clubfoot Creek and Harlowe Creek Canal, as depicted in the map to the right.

This will take some additional work with plotting the locations of property found in the family land deeds, and requires enlisting the assistance of family members who live in that area who have knowledge of the family history.


  1. Isaac Carter was a tall man for that time period. Good luck with plotting the land location. That can be tough. Good stuff. Can't wait to read more.

  2. To show how heredity works, his great grandson (my husband) is also five foot eleven inches, and when we got married, he weighed about 169 pounds.
    Regarding plotting land locations, the deeds I have are from Craven County. I need to see if there are any in Carteret County, as well. Since 1865 in between Census years, and he appeared in Craven County in 1860 and 1870, it is possible that he was a boarder in 1865, or at least did not own property. We'll find out...