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Craven-Carteret County List of Declarations of Service Accompanying U.S. Pension Applications

--as extracted from Camin's "Declarations of Service" List (Box 7-14), 
State Archives of North Carolina

One of the most helpful tools when doing preliminary searches for primary documentation at an archives are the finding aids found on each repository's website. The North Carolina State Archives "Military Collection Finding Aids" contain lists of information grouped first by century, and then by conflict. They range from the Spanish Invasion Collection, 1742-1748 to the Iraq War Papers, 2001-2010. Each link opens into a PDF document which records each collection organized by box number and contents.

The following is an extraction, containing the names, dates of pension application, and the county in which they were filed. Altogether there are twenty-six applications from Craven County and one from Carteret County.

  1. Martin Black* (1820), Craven
  2. Furney Cannon (1853), Craven
  3. John Carter* (1820), Craven
  4. John Cox (1820), Craven
  5. Levi Dawson (1838), Craven
  6. Sacker Dubberly (1832), Craven
  7. John Gregory* (1832), Craven
  8. Samuel Ipock (1832), Craven
  9. John P. Ives (1832), Craven
  10. James Jones (1820), Craven
  11. Daniel Lane (1833), Craven
  12. Absalom Martin* (1820), Carteret
  13. Enoch Masters (1832), Craven
  14. William Morgan (1821), Craven
  15. Edward Nelson (1832), Craven
  16. Isaac Perkins* (1829), Craven
  17. Isaac Reed (1799), Craven
  18. Isaac Sampson (1820), Craven
  19. Aaron Spelmore* (Spelmen) (1820), Craven
  20. Asa Spelmore* (1820), Craven
  21. Peter Vendrick (1832), Craven
  22. William Warren (1821), Craven
  23. Robert L. Whitaker (1832), Craven
  24. Benjamin White (1832), Craven
  25. Rev. Rufus Wiley (1832), Craven
  26. Solomon Witherington (1832), Craven
  27. William Witherington (1832), Craven

Please note that all free persons of color are denoted with an asterisk (*) beside their name. Also, these are applications from those who served on the Continental Line. Others who served in the North Carolina State Militia are not represented here. Omission of a soldier's name from this list does not mean that there is no service record for that particular soldier--just that there was no application for pension made.

Revolutionary War Pension Files, the originals which are housed at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C. [Publication Number: M804, Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files, Catalog ID: 300022, Record Group: 15.], may be viewed at

Another interesting collection of Craven County documents found at the North Carolina State Archives are the Loyalist Records. For Craven County, there are two sets of files:

C.R. 028.301.12-13 County Court Minutes, 1776 (?)-1784. Part I contains proceedings in treason hearings by the state; Parts I and II contain matters related to confiscated property, 1778-1784.
C.R. 028.928.13. State v. Jethro Oates (1780), trial for treason. 

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