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Cross-Referencing Pension Files: The Revolutionary War Pension File of Asa Spelmore

A good practice when studying pension files is to locate the records of those who made sworn statements in support of a fellow soldier's application. Asa Spelman (Spelmore) had testified on behalf of John Carter on 13 Dec 1820.

Below you will find the first installment of Asa Spelmore's pension application (images 1-4). Because the file consists of a total of nineteen images, it will be treated as a mini-series.
NARA Publication M804
SERVICE                                        NUMBER
N.C.                Spelmore, Asa           S42022
[Left Side]
18-691 R
North Carolina
Asa Spelmore
(aged 74)
of Craven Cy in the State of N. Carolina
who was a Private in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Davidson of the N. Carolina
line, for the term of nine months 1778-9
Inscribed on the roll of North Carolina
at the rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence on the 13 of September 1820.
Certificate of Pension issued the 1 of July 1822
[Gentle] Thomas Watson Esq.
Newbern, N.C.
Arrears to 4th of March 1822  141.83
[s]emi anl all'ce ending 4 Sept 1822   48      
{Revolutionary claim,
Act 18th March 1818.}
May 1, 1820
(Not on list)
[Left Side]
[per call ?] 14 Sept 1831
to the Pensioner

District of North Carolina
Craven County
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
September Term A.D. 1820
On this 13th day of September 1820 personally
appeared, in open Court, the said Court being
a court of record proceeding according to the
Course of the Common Law, with a Jurisdiction
unlimited in point of amount, keeping a record,
of its proceedings, and having power to fine and
imprison Asa Spelmore commonly called
Asa Spelmore, aged seventy four years who
being first duly sworn according to law, doth on 
his oath make the following declaration, in order
to obtain the provision made by the Acts of
Congress of 18th March 1818 and the 19th May
1820 that he the said Asa Spelmore enlisted
in the Company commanded by Captain
Quinn in the Tenth North Carolina Regiment
Continental Establishment Commanded by Colonel
Davidson, that he enlisted for nine months, &
served out his term, but cannot state the day
of his enlistment or discharge, he was discharged
at Halifax in North Carolina. He was not in
any engagement except a skirmish near West
point and at King's ferry in Jersey. he has
no other evidence of his service in his power
than the annexed affidavits of Isaac Perkins
and John Carter. And in [persuance] of the
Act of 19th May 1820. I do solemnly swear
that I was a resident Citizen of the United
States on the 18th day of March 1818, and
that I have not since that time by gift
sale or in any manner, disposed of my property
or any part thereof, with intent thereby so to
diminish it as to bring myself within the
provisions of an "Act of Congress entitled
An Act to provide for certain persons engaged
in the land and navel service of the 
United States, in the Revolutionary War passed
on the 18th day of March 1818. And that
I have not , nor any person in trust for me, 
my property or securities, contracts or debts owed
to me, nor have I any income or any property
except one Canoe, one paddle, declarant is
by occupation a Cooper, but from age &
infirmities he can work but little. He has
no family and resides with his brother.
Sworn to and declared, (signed)                 his                   
on the 13th day of)        Asa   X    Spelmore
September 1820)              mark                  

Isaac Perkins maketh oath that he was a
private soldier in the 2nd Regiment North
Carolina line in the Continental establishment in
the War of the Revolution, that while on service
at White Plains in the State of New York
a detachment of Continental troops [                ] that
place on duty, and among them he said the
the petitioner Asa Spelman or Spelmore whom he
had been long acquainted with in No. Carolina
that said Spelmore was then serving as a
Continental soldier, but deponent does not know
the length of his Services, deponent was at the
battle of Monmouth and at the seige of
Charleston.                      his                         
(signed)    Isaac      X     Perkins        

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