Thursday, April 3, 2014

Asa Spelmore: American Revolution Service Declaration, Part 2

Continued from Cross-Referencing Pension Files: The Revolutionary War Pension File of Asa Spelmore, 31 March 2014

[The following two images are a continuation of the previous sworn testimony.]
Asa Spelmore, Image 5
John Carter a citizen of Craven County in
the State of North Carolina maketh oath
that he was enlisted in the Company [when?]:
mustered by Captain Quinn, in the Regiment
commanded by Colo Davidson (the [?])
in the North Carolina line Continental es-
tablishment during the War of the Revolution
and served nine months and deponent
knows that Asa Spelman was a soldier in
the same company and that the said
Spelman did serve the term of nine months
in said company.  signed                his
                                              John    X    Carter
It is the opinion of the Court that the
total amount in value of the property cohab-
ited in the aforesaid schedule is considerably
less than one hundred Dollars--
Craven County Court of Pleas & Quarter
Sessions.     March Term A.D. 1821--
Thomas A Davis Esq. Sheriff of Craven
County appeared in open Court and made
oath that he is well acquainted with
Asa Spelmore or Spelman that said Asa
is at this time and has been for many years
a resident Citizen of this County and that he
is the same person who has applied for a
pension. And it is Ordered that the
Clerk Certify to the Secretary at War of 
the United States, that the Witnesses in
support of the petition of the said Asa
Spelman or Spelmore are worthy of merit.

Asa Spelmore, Image 6
State of North Carolina
Craven County
I James G Stanly, Clerk of the
Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
of Craven County do hereby Certify
that the foregoing affidavits and
the schedule thereto annexed are
truly copied from the records of
Said Court.
In Testimony whereof
I have hereunto set my hand and
affixed the seal of said Court
at Newbern this 15th day of
January A.D. 1822.
J S Stanly  CC

State of North Carolina )
       Craven County         )
             Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
May Term A.D. 1822.
Asa Spelmore or Spelman maketh oath
in open Court that he has endeavored to ascertain
the time of his entering the service, and the time
of his leaving it--and is now able to declare
that he entered the Service at Smith's Creek
in Craven County, No Ca on the 20 July in the
year seventeen hundred and seventy-eight--
and was discharged at Halifax, No Ca on
the eighth day of May one thousand
seven hundred and seventy-nine
Sworn to and subscribed in
open Court 15th May
1822. Attest J S Stanly  CC     his                
Asa    X   Spelman

State of North Carolina
Craven County
I James G Stanly
Clerk of the Court of Pleas and
Quarter Sessions of Craven County hereby
certify that the foregoing affidavit is
truly copied from the records of said
in Court.        In Faith whereof I hereunto
set my hand and affix the seal of
said Court at Newbern this 14th
day of June 1822.
J S Stanly  CC

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