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Asa Spelmore: American Revolution Pension Declaration, Part 4

The final correspondence in Asa Spelmore's pension file represents the final attempt to gain a soldier's pension for service in the Revolutionary War. It appears that a pension was never granted, and the case, having been brought to court twice, was left unresolved.

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File No. 42022
Asa Spelmore
Pri    Rev War
Act. 18th March 18th
Index:--Vol. [G?], Page 483
[Arrangement of 1870.]

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Hon.: Wm S. Black-
ledge -- [Ho: Repo]
[Recd] between 21st Jan y
Asa Spelmore
Old Rev y case

The Honorable
Wm. S. Blackledge
Washington City

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Newbern 15 Jan : 1822
Dear Sir,
   Apon old man, Asa Spellmore, one of
your Constituents applied some time since for a provision on the ground of Revolutionary Service. His petition was returned for more specific statement of citizenship & the Oath of Mo H Davis, Sheriff of the County was added. . And the papers again forwarded to the War office -- Since then nothing has been heard of his case-- I have obtained from the Clerk's Office, a Copy of his petition, & proof & enclose it to you-- & hope you will in person hand it to the proper office & obtain an early decision on his case.
He is miserably poor & cannot t[ay] the Government long -- but while others with no better claims are relieved. it is hard this old fellow should be [competent] to [beg] his head.
Your obed "Serv"
J. Stanly

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James L. Edwards Esqr
Pension Office

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     Mr. Blackledge had the honor to
lay before Mr. J. L. Edwards a letter from Mr. John Stanly [                 ] the claom of an old Soldier for a pension under Government -- At the time this claim claim was [     ] before you I reserve promise of an answer as soon as the claims previously presented should hear under your examination --- if the claim which was presented February 2nd has not yet been examined --- I should like to be informed when it is possible --- it will [come] in course for ex-amination.
Yours Respectfully
March 25th, 1822
W S Blackledge

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Asa Spelmore
Thos Watson
Newbern, N.C.
Recd 29 June 1822

                      The Honorable
                          The Secretary of War
                                   (Pension Office)
                                   Washington City

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Some fatality attends the petition of the 
poor old Soldier Asa Spelman. His first
petition miscarried -- His second was retur:
:ned & several months have elapse before he
could be brought to Court to add the sup:
:plemental matter required --- It is now
again entered & he entreats an early
reply, addressed to Thomas Watson Esq.
Port Master, Newbern -- No. Car.--
      June 15, 1822                                    

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