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Isaac Perkins: Revolutionary War Pension Application File, Part 2

Pension Applications can give us insight to the everyday life of our ancestors.
The following documents include an inventory of Isaac Perkins' real and personal property used to determine if he was truly an indigent veteran of the Revolutionary War, a certificate sworn by the clerk of courts that the names of the men who conducted the inventory were true, and a sworn statement that the inventory itself is true. They were signed and sealed in April and November 1829.


Isaac Perkins/Image 3/35
At the request of Isaac Perkins of Craven
County in the state of North Carolina
an old Revolutionary Soldier and a claimant
for a petition under the former act of
Congress Granting petitions for the releaf [sic]
of Indigent Soldiers of the Revolutionary
war--we the undersigned have met and
have valued all the property he the said
Perkin[s] is now [           ] off--which we apprise
and value as follows--  --that is to say
100 acres of poor piney land)       $25.00
valued at 25 cents per acre    )
11 head of cattle val'd at $2.00)
each upon an [E]verage --         )      22.00
32 head of hogs, mostly pigs)
[E]verage 5/ Each --               ) --     11.00
House hold & kitchen furniture
 valued in toto of $15--                     15.00
A small canoe valued at 10/                 1.00
3 head of sheep valued at 10/              3.00  

[From here I would search the deeds at Craven County Register of Deeds for a detailed description of this piece of land, and its location; however, the deed itself is contained within this pension file: Images 16/35 and 17/35. I would also search for his estate file, which may include a list of the items of household furniture and any farming implements in his possession that could provide clues of his living conditions.]

Isaac Perkins/Image 4/35
We the undersigned haveing [sic] been long
acquainted with the above claimant, Perkins;
as well as also with his Resources and means
of support--his age and infirmities-- over--

[page 2]
believe him to be deserving & also entitled to
assistance from the Bounty of his Country
we hereby Certify that we have valued
his property fair and Equitable to the
best of our Judgments and abilities
and we find it to be worth at most of this
this time of [           ] --not exceeding the sum
Seventy Seven Dollars in money.
Given under our hand and seals this
25th day of April 1829---
                      his                            Abner W. Seabrook [seal]
                  Isaac X Perkins                              Wm Physioc [seal]
mark                             John S. Whiteham [seal]
Saml Gerock                  Meshack A [                    ]  [seal]
Jos Physioc JP [seal]

Isaac Perkins/Image 5/35

Let a  Certificate to
above be presented--
North Carolina
Craven County court S. November Term AD 1829
William Physioc & Joseph Physioc whose names are 
subscribed to the foregoing schedule made oath in open
court & in due form of law that the facts noted
in said schedule are true.                      
 Attest J.G. Stanly Clerk of Craven County Court

[Page 3]
I James G Stanly Clerk of the County Court
do hereby certify that it appears to the satisfaction
of the Court that the said Isaac Perkins did serve in the
Revolutionary War and stated in the preceding declar
ation against the Common Enemy for the term of
Mine Months, and one engagement, on the Continental
establishment. I also Certify that the foregoing Oath
and the Schedule thereto annexed, are truly copied
from the Records of the said Court, and I do further
Certify that it is the Opinion of the said Court that
Isaac Perkins/Image 6/35
the total amount in value of the property exhibited in
the aforesaid schedule is seventy seven Dollars
and ------ Cents
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed the Seal of said Court this 12th day
of November 1829                            J G Stanly Clerk

[Page 4]
Isaac Perkins

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