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Isaac Perkins: Revolutionary War Pension Application File: Part 4

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When I began my in-depth research on the battles and skirmishes in which our free black Patriots from Craven County, North Carolina had participated, I came across a book title contained within an end note of a book on the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse. I quickly checked on the Barnes and Nobel and Amazon.com sites to compare availability and prices and found what I was looking for! Not only was I able to purchase a "Like New" hardcover copy of this book, but much to my joy, it arrived at my mailbox two days later!

Available at Amazon.com
The book's title is, The North Carolina Continentals, by Hugh F. Rankin. Check it out on Amazon.com's "Click to Look Inside!" feature. It appears to be quite thorough in its footnotes and bibliography, which is great for me, because I'm always checking sources to glean additional details.

Contained within its twenty chapters, I found information concerning every battle in which the free black Patriots of Craven County, North Carolina had fought. I'm looking forward to this being a very good read!

Part 4 in the Pension File of Isaac Perkins
Isaac Perkins 10/35

[Transcription, page 1]
41 953
File No. 41.953
Isaac Perkins
Pvt.  Rev War
Act. 18 March 18
Index. Vol. 3, Page 890

[handwritten note on right side of document]
1930-Aug 8--Hist. to
Adj. Gen. See 
[N]ewbern copy in 
Misc File under
C. H. Bridges, EEL

Isaac Perkins 11/35

[Page 2]
1828 papers 
to be filed
with Ad OW
Inv. File# 

Isaac Perkins 12/35

 [page 3]
Isaac Perkins   Pvt.
N. Carolina

No. Carolina

Inv. File No. 41.953

Isaac Perkins 13/35

[page 4]
10th Regiment
Isaac Perkins pt. 16th May 1777. 3yrs
The above is a true abstract from the Mus-
ter roll of the North Carolina Continental line
in the revolutionary war.
Given under my hand 10th July 1818
Wm Hill  Secretary
of State

Isaac Perkins 14/35

[handwritten notation on left side of page]
See letter to Sec. of War Jan. 6. 1828
See letter Nov. 24. 1829 to S. Gerock
North Carolina
Isaac Perkins
In the Army of the United States during the Revolutionary War.
Inscribed on the Roll of North Carolina
at the rate of 8 Dollars per month, to commence on
the 9th of June 1818
Certificate of Pension issued the 30th day of November 1818
J. E. Shanlet Esq. Clerk
of the [C--] of Craven Co. N.C.
Arrears of 4th of Sept 1818: 2 26/30 mo. $22.93
Semi-anl. all'ce ending 4 Mar 1819              48      
{Revolutionary claim
{Act 18th March 1818.}

Isaac Perkins 15/35

 [page 6]
Saml Gerock
N. C.

Came to hand
20th Decr 1819

For Additional Consideration
I have seen the name, Samuel Gerock, several times before in other documents; but, this is the first time I have seen the rank of Captain attached to his name. The link provided and entitled, "North Carolina Pensions, (119-121)" states that he had been employed at the Bank of New Bern. It also details in his pension application that he had enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War in Maryland. An overview of his service record also appears. A brief description of his appearance in latter years can be found here.

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