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Isaac Perkins: Revolutionary War Pension Application File, Part 3

Encampment at Valley Forge
It is difficult to imagine the conditions, the time and energy expended by these heroic soldiers from New Bern, North Carolina, who were marched some 463 miles to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and then another 670 miles to Charleston, South Carolina,only to be taken as prisoners of war and held on a prison ship in the harbor.

By today's standards we think of a trek of this nature in terms of hours; but, in the 18th Century we're looking at months of walking, waiting, fighting, and walking some more.

As we look at the next documents in Isaac Perkins' Revolutionary War pension application, we begin to see the framework of his military experience. We are also introduced to a new participant, one Osborn Clark.

A quick search at uncovered a pension file for this soldier, who fought in the same regiment as Isaac Perkins on his second tour of duty. You can find more about Osborn Clark here.

Isaac Perkins 7/35
[Transcription, page 1]
United States of America
To the Honorable the Secretary at
War of the United States
The Petition of Isaac Perkins a
Citizen of the United States sheweth, That
he enlisted as private soldier in the tenth
North Carolina Regiment in the Continental line
in the year One thousand seven hundred
and seventy seven, in the Company commanded
by Captain Silas Sears Stevenson, was marched
to Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, where the
tenth Regiment was distributed & deponent
passed into the Second Regiment and into the
Company commanded by Captain Clement Hall.
he served in that regiment in its Northern
Campaigns, marched with it to South Carolina
and was taken prisoner at Charleston--he
escaped from the enemy and returned to North --
Carolina & served until peace in the Militia
of the State. His whole service in the
Continental line of the State of North Caro-
lina against the Common Enemy exceeded
three years -- he never received a discharge
deponent is now sixty one years old
has a family, and is reduced in circumstances.

Isaac Perkins 8/35
[page 2]
and needs the assistance of his Country for his
support--he prays the benefit of the Act
of the last Session of Congress providing for
his care.
                                            his        +      mark
Sworn to in open Court
9th June 1818
J S Stanly

Osborne Clark maketh Oath that he knew
the petttioner (sic) Isaac Perkins a private soldier
in the North Carolina Continental line in the
War of the Revolution--deponent knows said
Isaac Perkins served three years as a soldier
in the Continental Line of North Carolina
against the Common Enemy.      a s b o n  C C [signature]
Sworn to in open Court
9th June 1818                  State of North Carolina
J G Stanly CC                     Craven County
                                          Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
                                           June Term A.D. 1818
                           The foregoing affidavits of Isaac Perkins
and Osborn Clark being taken and subscribed to in open
Court. It is ordered that it be certified to the Secretary
at War of the United States that it appears to be the satis:
:faction of this Court that the petitioner Isaac Perkins did
serve in the revolutionary war against the Common Enemy
as stated in his petition, and that the said Isaac Perkins is
now in reduced circumstances and needs the assistance
of his Country or his support.
Witness     James G Stanly  Clerk of the Court
aforesaid under the Seal of this Court at Newbern
this 30th day of June A.D. 1818
James G Stanly CC

Isaac Perkins, 9/35
[page 3]
In reply to your request of ___________, received__________
for a statement of the military history of Isaac Perkins <a negro man> a soldier of the REVOLUTIONARY WAR, you will find below the desired information contained in his (or his widow's) application for pen-sion on file in this Bureau.               S41,953

Enlisted: 1777 May '78.  Served: 3 years. Rank: Private. Captain Silas S Stephenson 10th N.C.Captain Clement Hall, Colonel Patten 2nd N.C.
Also served in Militia till Peace--no officers stated.
Served in the Northern Campaign, marched to South Carolina where
captured at Charleston, but escaped and returned to the North.
Battles engaged in _____________________________________
Resident of soldier at enlistment, Enlisted in North Carolina
Date of application for pension, June 9, 1818  His claim was allowed.
Residence at date of application, Craven Co. N.C.
Age at date of application: 61 yrs, 73 in 1829
Remarks: In 1829 he referred to his wife, Deborah, 66 yrs of age.

not used [handwritten]


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