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Isaac Perkins: Revolutionary War Pension Application File, Part 9

"Battle of Eutaw Springs,"engraved abt. 1859
South Carolina, September 8, 1781
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
Update: The North Carolina Continentals
The last section I read of this book was Chapter 18, Eutaw Springs.

There seems to have been several changes in command for the 2nd North Carolina Regiment. I'm hoping to find another source that can elaborate on where these men were during the battle and what their contributions were. Till then, I'll have to set my notes next to the reading and see if I can make any connections.

Nearing the end of this file
We've come to the last few documents of Isaac Perkins' pension file. One might think that this is the end; however, it is just the beginning. After the documents are transcribed, in order for them to be purposeful in building Perkins' story line, they must be abstracted and the details put into a chronology.

But first, lets take a look at the last three images in the record set.

Isaac Perkins: Image 33/35
Under the act, entitled, "An Act for the relief of certain surviving Officers and Soldiers
of the Army of the Revolution," approved 15 May 1828.
24 Dec 1828

The annex paper relating to the claim of Isaac Perkins
under the abovementioned act, is respectfully referred to the Secretary of War, with a
request that he will be pleased to cause me to be informed whether it appears, by any
records in the War Department, that the Claimant has received, or is entitled to receive,
the bounty in land granted by Congress for service in the Continental Line of the Army
of the Revolution.

R. Rush

The Hon. Secretary of War

War Depart.
Bounty Land Office
The records of this office to not show that Isaac Perkins
of the North Carolina line ever received or is entitled
to bounty land in the United States

Robert Taylor
27 Decr 1828

Isaac Perkins: Image 34/34
For the purpose of obtaining the benefit of an "Act for the relief
of certain surviving officers and Soldiers of the Army of the Revolution"
approved on the 15th May 1828. I Isaac Perkins of the County of Craven
and the State of North Carolina do hereby declare that I enlisted in the
Continental line of the Army of the Revolution for three years or and for and
during the war and continued in its Service until its termination;
at which period I was a private in Captain Clement Hall's company
in the second regiment of the North Carolina line.--- And I also declare
and that I afterwards or was entitled to under a resolve
of Congress passed the 15th May 1778.---And I further declare that
I was not on the 15th day of March 1828 on the Pension List of
the United States.
Sworn to before me                                                  his
Geo. A. Hall, J.P.                                             Isaac   X   Perkins

Before me Geo. A. Hall, a Justice of the Peace of
the County of Craven and State of North Carolina personally appeared
Thomas H. Daves and John R. Good of the Said County who did
Severally make oath that Isaac Perkins by whom the forgoing
declarations was Subscribed is generally reputed & believed to have been
a private in the Army of the Revolution in manner as therein stated.----

Witness my hand this ninth day of August 1828.
Isaac Perkins: Image 35/35

Geo. A. Hall, J.P.

[Handwritten on the back of the preceding document]
I James G. Stanly Clerk of the Court of the County of Craven
in the State of North Carolina do certify that George A. Hall Esq before
whom the foregoing affidavits were sworn was at the time a Justice of
the Peace and duly empowered to administer oaths.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and affixed the seal of the said Court this
13th day of August One t in the year One thousand
eight hundred and twenty eight.
J.G. Stanly C.C.

I suppose it would have been more beneficial time-wise for me to have abstracted each record immediately after transcribing it. Hindsight, they say, is always 20/20. So my next task will be to go back over the documents and abstract them. And once that is completed, I will begin a chronology for Isaac Perkins' life events.

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