Monday, June 13, 2011

Timelines Create Perspective: Part 2

The following is the current shape of my timeline. As you will see, I have focused on one generation, that of my grandfather-in-law's household; and, the only major world events included are ones which have directly affected the family group. 

Hezekiah Carter Family Timeline

1874, March 29: Hezekiah Carter born, the third child of Isaac (35) & Martha Ann (George) Carter. His father was a Civil War Pensioner.
1896, October 22: md. Stella Canady (both age 25) in No. 6 Township by Rev. A. F. Mitchell. Witnesses: M.F. [illegible], GW Cully, CC Godett.

1898, June 10: Bert Carter born

1899, June 13: Jesse Carter born

1900, January 6: 15 acres Hezekiah bought land from Nathaniel George & Julia his wife (his uncle & aunt), Theophilus George & Hepsey his wife (his uncle & aunt), and Nancy Godett (his aunt)“in consideration for Thirty dollars”: “adjoining the lands of Gilbert Falls (wife: Cassie Jane Carter: no blood relation established), Jesse Godett (Jr: wife: Eliza Ann Fenner: no blood relation established) and others and others, bounded as follows viz: On the North by Jeremiah Godett (Jeremiah M., son of George Godette IV and Elizabeth Harkley: no blood relation established) on the East by Jesse Godett & Gilbert Falls on the south Martha Ann Carter (his mother) and Jim George (James: wife: Harriet A. Copes; his uncle & aunt) and on the West by William George. Containing by estimation Fifteen acres be the same more or less.”

1900, June 8:
1900 Census: Hezekiah (b. 1874, age 26), Stella (b. 1874, age 26), married 4 years, 2 children born, 2 children living; Birt (b.1898, age 2), Jesse (b. 1899, age 1).
Occupation: Laborer, hauling logs.
Isaac, his father, was a Pensioner (Civil War).
Hezekiah’s brothers Malachai, William Henry, Elijah and Joshua all worked at the Saw Mill.
Neighbors: Uncle Gideon George (mother’s brother; John & Vina Becton family, William & Eliza Becton family; Jerry & Emerline Becton family.

                1901, April 10: Hannah Jane Hyman md. Charley Fisher
                1901: Harrison David Fisher born
1901, September 1: Gertrude Carter born

1902, February 14: Superior Court February Term 1902; No.13 I.D.
Estelle Carter vs. Hezekiah Carter} Order
It appearing to the Court, that the onjured complaint and petition in the above entitled, cause have [unreadable] lostor misplaced and cannot be found. On motive it is the [unreadable] order that the plaintiff be she is hereby authorized and allowed to supplement or file additional or new papers in lieu of the missing or lost paper. [signed] Francis D. Weinstore, Judge Presiding. J.E.R. O’Hara, Atty for Plft.
Wm. W. Clark, Atty for Defs.
1905, December 30: md2. Hannah Jane (Hyman) Fisher

1907: Moses Carter born

1909: Hosea Carter born

1910, December 7: Chester Carter born

1910,  April 23: 1910 Census: Hezekiah Carter (md.2, 5 yrs), Hannah J. (md.2, 5 yrs, 3 children, 3 living), Bert (12), Jesse (10), Gertrude (9), Moses (3), Hosea (1), Harison D. Fisher (9), Mary Martin (72), aunt. Neighbors: Isaac & Martha Carter (parents), William H. & Josephine Carter (brother), Isaac & Warneta Carter (cousin), Jacob & Leah Martain, Malachar & Emma Carter (brother), John & Emma Yates, Jacob & Affie Parker,  Alexander & Maggie Martain, Siddie Hyman, Jeremiah Godett; living on Clubfoots Creek

1910, April 21: 1910 Census: Stella Carter, patient, Fork, Wayne, NC: Eastern N.C. Insane Asylum (State Hospital at Goldsboro): Female, Mulatto, Age 33, Married

1912, March 5: DEED: Grantor: C.W. Munger and his wife, Martha A. Munger of Craven County, NC, and K.E. Bennett and his wife, Grace G. Bennett of Camden, NJ. Grantee: Hezekiah Carter of Craven County, NC. Purchase of 2 parcels of land: Tract 1: South Side of the Neuse River, and the West Side of Clubfoot Creek, each 100 acres. Tract 1 Neighbors: John Whitehead (see deed: Book 78, p. 79, Alex Mitchell to Sylvester Gaskill, May 30, 1860). Tract 2: South Side of Neuse River and East Side of King’s Creek (conveyed by Alonzo J. Whitehead to Isabella Willoughby, to Sylvester B. Gaskill’s (see deed: Book 145, p. 122. Sylvester B. Gaskill by Henrietta Bright, Ma Elizabeth Borden, and Joseph Godwin).
NOTE: Subject to timber rights and rights of way: original owners maintain ownership of all timber above 10 inches in diameter for 20 years (March 1932). They can build tram roads and railroads across the land and run locomotives and rafting to remove said timber.

1915, December 22: J. Smallwood Carter born/died

1916, December 3: Martha Ann Carter [daughter] born

1916, December 21: Martha Ann Carter [daughter] died

1917, April 6: U.S. enters WWI

1918, September 12: WWI Draft Registration      

1918, October 4: Hezekiah’s father, Isaac Carter, dies.

1920, February 24: 1920 Census: Hezekiah (45), Hannah (35), Bert (22), Gertrude (18), Moses (13), Hoses (11), Chester (9). Neighbors: Martha Ann Carter (mother), Jacob Martin, Eliziah & Jenettie Carter, Bill & Lizette Hoyt, George & Sarah Jane Moore, Isaac & Sarah Carter, Eugene Frazier, Nathaniel George (E. F.’s nephew), Shelemiah & Rachel Godette, Robert & Martha Ann Fenner, Edd & Fanny Willoughby, Willie & Sophia Carter, John & India Sparrow, Mary Becton (& son Harrison).

1920: 2nd house built: 4 rooms, 2 bedrooms. No central heat. Electric. Foundation: Piers-Open. Roof Type: Gable. Floors: Single wood board floor. One Story. Lap siding exterior, and metal-seamed enamel roofing. No basement. Dimensions: Porch: 16x6; Base: 16x29.
It is unclear if this house was built before or after the Census was taken in February; but we do know that it was built following the fire which destroyed the large two-story house across the street, with the store. There is conflicting information, however, as to the location of the store. It is hard to image, however, 5 children living in one bedroom.

1921, May 28: Hezekiah’s mother, Martha Ann (George) Carter, dies.

1922: Bert marries Motoaka Cully.


  1. What a wonderful time line! Did you use a program to extract information or did you do it freely keeping information in order? Need to find a way to keep organized.

  2. Thank you, and so sorry for overlooking your comment until now. I did not use a program to generate the timeline; I keep all the hard copy records of those in my trees in binders, and their information is kept in chronological order. I started the timeline with the main person's information, and then interlined the dates with those of other family members. Within my binders, I have each generation divided by the parent of that surname, and the generational number assigned to them. Since Cedric is the 10th generation in America, his father (Chester Sr.) would have the tab: Chester 9 Carter. The children would all have tabs following for their families and their generational number. Right now I have five binders of Carter information. When a female marries, there is a notation to see a specific surname binder set, with her marriage information included. In all, I believe I have about six or seven family binder sets for families in North Harlowe, Craven, NC and their descendants.