Monday, August 15, 2011

Amanuensis Monday -- The Civil War Pension File of Isaac Carter, Part 2

General Affidavit, document #2

The next document in Isaac Carter's Pension File was a General Affidavit, dated June 12, 1888 . . . filed twenty-two and a half years after his discharge from service at Fort Macon in Beaufort, Carteret, NC.

[left blank]
[left blank]
Filed by
[left blank]

Printed and for sale by J. H. SOULE, Washington, D.C.

State of North Carolina, County of Craven, SS:
In the matter of Invalid Claim of Isaac Carter
Sergeant of Co. G 14 Regt U.S.C.T.H. Arty.
ON THIS 12th day of June, A.D. 1888; personally appeared before me
Clerk of Superior Court in and for the aforesaid County duly authorized to administer oaths,
Albert W. Elliott aged 45 years, a resident of James City
in the County of Craven and State of N.C.
whose Post Office address is James City - NC
Sharper Williams aged 62 years, a resident of Newbern
in the County of Craven and State of N.C.
whose Post Office address is New Berne, N.C.
well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who being duly sworn, declared in relation to aforesaid case
as follows:
"I was Sergeant of Co. B 14 Regt. U.S.C. H. Arty
I enlisted in April 1864 and was Discharge
December 11, 1865. I was well acquainted with Sergeant
Isaac Carter of Co. G 14 Regt U.S.C. H Arty
and was transferred to Co. G. 14 Regt U.S.C. H Arty
I Remember well in the winter of 1864 the claimant
was taken Down Sick with heavy cold and had
Diarrhea and Pile, and his feet and Legs all
swollen up. I saw then he was Bad of
under the Treatment of the Doctor, and he
had the Asthma & short Breath and pains
in did I saw him at Moorhead City
N.C. He taken heavy cold by Exposure Standing
on guard and During Fatigue Duty in the
Snow & Ice. he Look like he would D[   ]t
prior to that he was well harty Soldier from
all appearance and Did his Duty. after he
was taken Down Sick, He always appeared
weak and Sickly after that and he continued to
have Havey tacks of Diarrhea & Piles, and Shortness
of the X Vreath which we coll the asthma and he
was over Two THirds Disabled from Duty when he
was Discharge, and I have Seen him Pretty much
Every Month since Discharge up to present and
he has continued to complain and Suffers from
the afor Said Diseases and not able to work one
third of his time."
I further declare that I have no interest in said case and am not concerned win
its prosecution.

E.W. Carpenter                                                        Albert W. Elliott
J.B. Wallis                                                                Sharper    X    Williams


STATE OF No Carolina, COUNTY OF Craven, SS:
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day by the above-named affiant, and I certify that I read said affidavit to said
affiant, including the words [left blank] erased, and the words
[left blank] added
and acquainted item with its contents before [unreadable] executed the same. I further certify that i am in
nowise interested in said case, nor am I concerned in its prosecution: and that said affiants are personally known
to me and that they are credible person.
                                                        E. W. Carpenter
                                                        Clerk Sup Court
I, [left blank] Clerk of the County Court in and for aforesaid County
and State, do certify that [left blank], Esq., who has signed his name to the
foregoing declaration and affidavit was at the time of so doing [left blank] in and
for said County and State, duly commissioned and sworn; that all his official acts are entitled to full faith and credit, and
that his signature thereunto is genuine.
                         Witness my hand and seal of office, this [left blank] day of [left blank], 188[left blank].
[left blank]
[L.S.]                                                                        Clerk of the [left blank]

If before a JUSTICE or NOTARY, then CLERK OF COUNTY COURT must add his certificate of character hereon, and not on a separate slip of paper. 


  1. You are very welcome. I would love to get the files of those comrades who served with Isaac to see if I could get more of the story...maybe in time.