Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Documents which E-X-P-A-N-D our understanding of family history, Part 4

What we can learn from apprenticeship records

Yesterday we looked at the 1860 Census for Isaac Carter and his siblings, who were apprentices in the household of William Temple, a 55 year old white farmer who lived nearby, and who owned a farm worth $1500 and personal property valued at $700. His wife, Rhoda, was a 47 year old woman who kept house. Their oldest child, Henry C., age 16, was a farm laborer; and their other son,William G., was 14 years old.

The gap between 1850 and 1860 was more than just ten years in a family's lifetime. The parents died...family dispersed. So, the next set of documents to search for were the apprenticeship records. Today we'll examine the first record in the file: a letter from Isaac's grandfather, Kelsor Braddock. Following is a transcription of that letter. All spellings are as found in the original document.

Doc 1: CCPL microfilm: MF G.028.2028002

To the cort of Please and quarter
  sessions Greeting

This is to certify that we Kelsor
Braddock and Sarah his wife
wishes to have the following named
children Bound out to Mr. William
Temple 1 Isaac Carter corlee of the 13 year
of his age 2 Nancy 10 years of age
3 Annias Carter of the age of 8 years
4 Zachariah Carter of the age of 5 years
This last named one has fits and is
But a perish charge
We the above named Kelsor Braddock
and his wife Sarah do certify that we
are the Grand Father and Grand Mother
of the above named Children and we
should have come to court but
for myself Kelsor am sick and has
been for Twelve months so that neither
of us can come to court  the Father &
Mother of these children have both
Deceased and the children is in a situation
to suffer.                             his
                        Kelsor         X     Braddock
                        Sarah          X       Braddock

Attest D. V. Dickinson

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