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Estate File of Isaac Dove (1826): Division of Lands (by Consent), Images 7-10/45

"North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 13 Aug 2013), Isaac Dove, 1826.
Sometimes when studying land divisions, the numbers just don't add up....

Image 3/45: Detail
The initial petition requesting division of the lands belonging to Isaac Dove's heirs considered two lots, consisting of a total of 234 acres. The verdict was that the lands on the east would go to Isaac Dove heirs, and the lands on the west would go to Anthony Brown or William and Jacob Dove. Lot No. 1 (117 acres) belonged to Isaac Dove's heirs, and Lot No. 2 (117 acres) belonged to Anthony Brown or William and Jacob Dove.

Below is the plat of the further division of the lands. At this point, there are 5 Lots, totaling 250 acres: No. 1 (67 acres), No. 2 (67 acres), No. 3 (67 acres), No. 4 (68 acres), No. 5 (67 acres); and, an adjacent lot consisting of 150 acres belonging to Jacob & William Dove. In the description of the land division you will find that from Isaac Dove's land, each Lot went to each one of Isaac Dove's children, equally (from 336 acres)...and that the Anthony Brown portion went to Jacob and William Dove (from 117 acres). 

One problem: If we were to add up the acreage for the 5 Lots, however, we would have a total of 336 acres, and not 250 as stated here. It is apparent that additional acreage is being considered....

Check out the division below, and if you can make heads or tails out of it, please contact me.
Image 9/45: Detail
Image 7/45
Division of Land (by Consent)
Isaac Dove
Land Divisions and
Folio 47
Image 8/45
Image 9/45
State of North Carolina) Being called upon and
Image 10/45
Craven County            ) appointed by the within named parties to Survey and lay off in in lots the lands of Isaac Dove decd between the Said heirs of the Said Isaac Dove  And do by mutual consent and agreement to and with each other to have the Said lands divided in the manner and form as is expressed and Shewn by the above plat or plan, That it is to Say, Lot No 1 drawn by William Dove Beginning at a Stake in the back line Jacob and Will Doves corner runs No 7 West 34 polls thence No 85 1/2 West to the back Lot No 2 drawn by George Carter and Susanna his wife Beginning at the corner of No 1 a Stake Running No 7 West 31 poll Thence No to 85 1/2 West to the Creek Lot No 3 drawn by Stephen Gaudett and Mary his wife Over

Beginning at the corner of No 2 a Stake running No 7 West 32 poll Thence No 85 1/2 Wt. to the Creek  Lot 4 drawn by Gambo Fenno [Fenner] and Deborah his wife Beginning at the corner of No 3 a Stake running No 7 Wt 31 poll Thence 85 1/2 Wt. to Anthony Browns line
Lot No 5 drawn by Jacob Dove
Beginning at the Corner of No 4 a Stake running to the corner of the beginning of Said lands Thence to the head of Williams Branch
Thence down said branch to the Creek Thence up the creek to Spring branch thence up the branch to the line of No 4 The Said lands containing by estimation 250 Acres and Each share containing 67 acres as by calculation of Said plat We the said contracting parties do agree to and with each other to receive and take as [blotted out] Shwen in Said plan the lots Severaly drawn who mentioned in Said plan and returning as each of our distributional Share of Said lands and give up to each other all right to the claim or interest to the Said lands excepting the lots sevaly (sic) drawn by us
In Witness whereof we the Said parties have hereunto Set our hands and Seals the            of March AD 1826

Witness Samuel Potter   seal
Surveyor George     X     Carter   seal
Susanah     X     Carter   seal
Stephen     X     Godett and   seal
Mary     X     Godett   seal
Gambo Fenner   seal
John Jones   seal
Jacob     X     Dove   seal

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