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Estate File of Isaac Dove (1826), Transcription of Images 2-4

Image 2/45
Partition of the Land of Dove & Brown
Plat and Description
4 February 1826
Image 3/45
"North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979," index and images, FamilySearch 
( : accessed 08 Aug 2013), Isaac Dove, 1826.

[NOTE: Scale: 100 poles to the inch]


Image 4/45
In obedience to the Annexed order we the undersigned commissioners have made partition of the Lands heretofore held in common between Isaac Dove & Anthony Brown we find two Hundred and thirty four acres which we divide Equally No. 1 drawn by Isaac Dove's heirs Borders at the patent corner pine and runing (sic)  So 9 E213 poles to a Stake thence No 73 We 218 pole and thence to the Beginning Counting one Hundred and seventeen acres No 2 by Anthony Brown or William and Jacob Dove Begins at a poplar the corner of the patent and runing (sic) thence No 54 E 90 poles to the corner of No. 1 thence along the line So 73 E 218 poles to the corner stake thence So 7 E 45 pole to the patent corner thence No 85 1/2 Wt 278 poles to a white oak on Cahoque (sic)  Creek thence down the creek to the Beginning Containing 117 acres   In Witness where of we have hereunto set out hands and seals this 4th day of February 1826

Hardy L. Jones        Seal
Gideon Jones           Seal
James T. Jones        Seal
Benj. Borden           Seal

Below (left) is a closeup of the plat (Image 3/45). Compare it to the Google Map satellite image (right).

Cahooque Creek, NC
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