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Organizing Records for Popluar Given Names: 8 Isaac's and 5 George's

A Carter by any other name...
This morning I pulled a manila envelope from the cubby in my desk, remembering that I had copies of the will of George Carter which I had received more than a year ago. I pulled out several documents which I had sorted and stored in sheet protectors. There they were: George Carter (1820), George Godett (1803), and copies of photos of the Old Newbern Courthouse at the intersection of Broad and Middle Streets, following the fire of January 15, 1861. The enclosed letter from Victor T. Jones, Jr., Special Collections Librarian at the Kellenberger Room, New Bern-Craven County Public Library, stated that the original packet had also included the will of Isaac Perkins and a number of apprenticeship indentures, which were filed previously in their respective binders.

Will the correct George please stand out...
I was excited to see George Carter's will (1755-1820) as he is the next person I am working on for my BCG narrative genealogy. 1820. As I began to check the dates, something didn't look quite right. Then I went back to the database index and re-discovered that there were five George Carters, and this one was the oldest brother of the Isaac Carter (1760-1830) who starts off my narrative...both sons of Abel Carter (1732-1806). 

He was the uncle of the George (1787-1859) I was looking for. So, since he will not appear in the BCG narrative genealogy, I will transcribe his will here.

The Will of George Carter (1820)
MF # 1548459
Craven County Wills
Bryan, Edward to Godett, William

Will of
George Carter

Craven County

Recorded in book
of Wills letter C
folios 191 & 192
Attest J. [S. Stanly]

In the Name of God Amen I George Carter of Craven County State of North Carolina being Weak in Body but of Sound Mind and perfect Memory Calling to mind that all men are mortal and hath wont to Die make this my Last will and Testament as follows to wit  Item  I Give and bequeath unto my Son Theophilus Carter thirty Acres of land being the part wher he now lives to him and his heirs forEver  Item I leave my Desire is that all the Rest of my land and all the Rest of Property to be Equally Divided between my wife and all my Children  after my lawful Debts is paid and I Do hereby [blotted out] appoint and [Nom]inate My Wife Sarah Carter and my Son Theophilus Carter my Executix (sic) and Executer (sic) to this my last will and testament where[blotted out] unto I have here unto Set my hand and Affixed my Seal this 18 21 Day of March 1820.
Signed in the presence                            his
of us                                          George X Carter (Seal)
Andrew Stewart                                    mark
Kendall  X  Stewart

Craven County Court June term AD 1820
     The foregoing last will of George Carter
was produced, and the execution by Said 
testator was proved in open Court, and in 
due form of laws by the oath of Kendall
Stewart, one of the prescribing Witnesses thereto
Ordered that Said Will be Recorded.
Attest     J. G. Stanly

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