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The Estate File of Isaac Dove (1826), Part 2: The Land Division and Index

Last time we looked at this particular file, we were looking for relationship connections.  Petition made by "George Carter & others" provided us with the names of Isaac Dove's (FPOC) children and their spouses:

  1. George Carter and his wife, Susannah/Susan/Sukey (Dove),
  2. Gambo Fenner and his wife, Deborah/Debby (Dove),
  3. Stephen Gaudett/Godette and his wife, Mary (Dove),
  4. William Dove and his wife Rebecca (Godette),
  5. Jacob Dove.
On this occasion, we'll be looking at the land division for two tracts of land: the first being on Cahooque Creek, the second along Clubfoot Creek. To complicate matters, the petitions and court records do not appear to be assembled within the file in chronological order. So, the first task will be to put the images into order by date.

"North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979,"
index and images, 
( :
accessed 05 Aug 2013), Isaac Dove, 1826.
Index of documents as found within the file:
Images 2-4/45: Partition of the Land of Dove & Brown/Plat & Description/4 February 1826

Image 5/45: Summons: Hardy L. Jones, James T. Jones Esqr., Gideon Jones, Joseph Davis & Benjamin Borden/RE: Lands on east side Spring Branch/14 November 1825

Image 6/45: George Carter &. Al.--heirs of Isaac Dove vs. A. Brown, Jacob Dove, Will. Dove/Writ of Petition/February 1826

Images 7-10/45: Division of Lands (by Consent) vs. Isaac Dove/Plat, Folio 47/March 1826

Image 11/45: Receipt from Isaac Doves' Heirs to Hardy Jones for Survey & Plat/4 February 1826

Image 12/45: Summons: Anthony Brown, William Dove & Jacob Dove/9 August 1824

Image 13/45: George Carter &. al. vs. Will. Dove & others/Subpena to return/November 1824

Image 14/45: Appointment of Commissioners to divide land/undated

Image 15/45: Summons: Hardy L. Jones, James T. Jones Esq., Gideon Jones, Joseph Davis and Benjamin Borden/8 Aug 1825

Image 16/45: George Carter & wife & other heirs of Isaac Dove/Writ of Petition/November 1825/RE: Summoned to Meet 28 October 1825/Rec'd Sept. 12th

Image 17/45: Summons: Hardy L. Jones, James T. Jones Esq., Gideon Jones, Joseph Davis and Benjamin Borden/9 May 1825

Image 18/45: Geo. Carter & wife & others, heirs of Isaac Dove/Writ of Petition/August 1825/The parties summoned but did not act/Rec'd June 19 [1825]

Image 19/45: Receipt: William Physioc charges A. Brown/17 February 1825

Image 20/45: To the Sheriff: Command to summon William Physioc & Isaac Lewis behalf of Anthony Brown/trial date 14 February 1825/8 November 1824

Image 21/45: Geo. Carter & wife vs. Anthony Brown & al./February 1825

Image 22/45: Summons: Hardy L. Jones, John Allways, William Physioc, Joseph Physioc Esquire & Clairborne Ivey Esquire/8 November 1824

Image 23/45: George Lewis by his next friend vs. Heirs of John Godett/Writ of Petition/May Term 1824/The Surveyor could not possibly attend to make partition before this term

Image 24-26/45: Summons: William Dove/9 August 1824/Writ of Petition attached: George Carter & wife, & al.

Images 27-28/45: Answer from the Defendant/11 November 1824

Images 29-30/45: Writ of Petition: George Carter & wife, Stephen Gaudet & wife, Gambo Fenner & wife vs. Anthony Brown, Jacob Dove & William Dove/August 1824

Images 31-33/45: Summons: Jacob Dove/9 August 1824/Writ of Petition attached: George Carter & al./Made know by reading the within to Jacob Dove

Image 34/45: Summons: Thomas J. Physioc, Benjamin F. Borden, William Temple, David Dickerson, and Jeremiah Parsons/8 December 1851

Image 35/45: Henry J. Lovick, Deborah Fenner, Stephen Gaudet & wife, George Carter & wife/Writ of Petition/8 March 1852

Image 36/45: Court fees assessed: $20.90/21 May 1857

Image 37/45: Office vs. Henry J. Lovick 1/4, Debra Fenner 1/4, Stephen Gaudet & wife 1/4, {Arnett Dove, Geo. Carter & Wm. Carter 1/4}/June 1857

Image 38/45: Summons: Thomas J. Physioc, Benjamin F. Borden, William Temple, David Dickerson, & Jeremiah Parsons/8 March 1852

Image 39/45: Henry J. Lovick, Deborah Fenner & others/Writ of Petition/June 1852

Image 40/45: Summons: Thomas J. Physioc, Benjamin F. Borden, William Temple, David Dickerson and Jeremiah Parsons/8 September 1851

Image 41-44/45: Henry J. Lovick, George Carter, Stephen Gaudet, & others/Writ of Petition/December 1851

Image 45/45: Henry J. Lovick & others to Court/Petition for Partition/Filed September Term 1853/[8] June Term 1857

Conclusions & next step:
It would seem to me that if I were to order the above documents to chronological order, I might be able to make more sense of the progress of this land partition dispute. One note of interest, by Image 37/45 dated March 1852, Deborah Fenner's husband, Gambo, is no longer named with her, leading me to believe that he died before this dispute was ever finalized. 

Overall, it appears that one dispute took roughly two years to settle (1852-1854). The second action took approximately six years to settle (1851-1857). 

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