Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Estate of Isaac Dove (1826): Transcription of Summons, Image 5

Summons: ....14 November 1825
"North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979," index and images, FamilySearch 
( : accessed 08 Aug 2013), Isaac Dove, 1826.
Image 5/45

[As you can see here, the Summons referred to in the transcription of Image 3/45 was attached to the description and plat.]

STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA. To the Sheriff of Craven County, GREETING:

YOU are hereby commanded to summon Hardy L. Jones, James T. Jones Esquire, Gideon Jones, Joseph Davis & Benjamin Borden -------------
to me at such place and at some time before the next Court, to be held for your County, on the second Monday of February next, as to [scratched out] you shall seem fit, then and there to make partition of that part of the lands (which were formerly held in common between Isaac Dove and Anthony Brown) which belongs to the heirs of Isaac Dove and are situated in Craven County on the east side of Spring Branch. ----------------

---------------- between George Carter & Sukey his wife. Stephen Godett & Mary his wife. Gambo Fenno [Fenner] & Deborah his wife who own the lands on the east side of Spring Branch. -------------
heirs at law of Isaac Dove deceased, in severalty. Herein fail not and return the proceedings of said Commissioners in this behalf to our Court of Pleas and Quarter-Sessions to be held for your County on the second Monday of February next, together with this writ.

WITNESS, JAMES G. STANLY, Clerk of our said Court, at Newbern, the second Monday of November in the [XLV scratched out] 50th Year of our Independence,                             A.D. 1825

J. S. Stanley [signature]

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